In 1983 Techmation was started by Dave Ender with the idea of helping clients increase production while lowering costs. His three tiered approach would help push Techmation to being the industry leader in Process Control.

Techmation's first order of business was to build the most comprehensive yet interface friendly in-house software suite and computer called the Protuner.

The next step was to offer real world industry specific training courses that allowed the company's engineers the ability to learn and train on the Protuner.

While still promoting, selling and supporting the Protuner line of software solutions, Techmation has seen a shift in the market and reacted by offering on-site optimization of your control system. Thus essentially moving into the 21st century with a consulting first approach. This has allowed Dave to consult and work side by side with his customers offering his vast array of skill and knowledge.

Below is sample of what customers have been saying about Techmation since it's inception.  

"Very good course. It gave me the details needed to do a better job at tuning our loops"

Cabot Corporation

"Course was excellent. Probably the most informative class I have taken":


"Best and most relevant course we have sponsored so far"

Daishowa Canada

"This is without question, the best course on process control I have attended. Best course of this type that I have seen"

Holston Defense

"This should be a most sought after course to benefit American Industry"

Eastman Chemical Company

"One of the better courses I have attended"

Mead Paper

"Great Class! Time well spent".

Bethlehem Steel

"This course has to be the best of all the courses I have taken in my career"

The Control Company

"Class was excellent"

3M Company

"The best I have since studied"

Abitbi Price

"Of all the classes and schools I have attended this is the best I have had"

Stone Container Corporation

"Optimization of Regulatory Control Systems"

"A must for skeptical engineers. This is one of the best classes I have attended. Keep up the good work"


"Excellent all around"

Kimberly Clark


Hoechst Celanese

"I think it was one of the best classes"

Cargill Incorporated