"Optimization of Regulatory Control Systems"

Techmation Inc. has been serving the Process Industries for over 30 years

Offshore Oil and Gas - Offshore platforms are equipped with the equipment and control systems needed to extract and process the oil and natural gas. Optimizing and tuning these systems present critical challenges that should not be underestimated.

Pharmaceutical Industry - The pharmaceutical industries employ a wide verity of DCS and PLC based control systems. The Protuner Control System Analyzer is designed to work with all the various systems currently employed in the industry.

Food Processing - The Protuner runs tests to gain knowledge about the systems operation. In the food processing industry we have found that most of the process control strategies are a complex and highly interactive combination of both continuous and switching logic.

Power Generation Plants – Optimized regulatory control systems increase boiler efficiencies, reduce emissions, minimize trips, and provide for improved load following capabilities.

Refining – Optimized feedforward and feedback control results in reduced variability in each unit operation, increasing the quality of the control. The Protuner analysis tunes the individual loops and develops the mathematical dynamic models required to extend optimization to include the entire plant.

Mining and Metals – Optimized control systems provide for more efficient grinding circuits and furnace temperature control in many plants, substantially reducing energy costs. A system analysis typically reveals problem areas before they result in a shutdown and costly repairs.

Pulp and Paper – Optimized regulatory control systems have proven to reduce variability, improve quality and increase bottom line profits.

Chemical and Petrochemical
– Tuning the regulatory controls for ramp and hold on batch reactors reduces batch time, saves energy and increases throughput and product quality.