Today’s power generators are faced with intense pressure to improve production reliability and bottom line profitability. As a result, current business goals focus on increasing operational efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness. One of the best ways to achieve these goals is to optimize the plants control system. Techmation Inc. and its partners have utilized the proven Protuner32 Control System Analyzer to optimized operation of existing control systems. More than any other system, the key to improved control in a power station is the optimization of the feedforward loops as well as the feedback PID loops. The functions and features in the Protuner32 determines both the optimum tuning for your feedback loops but also the ability to accurately calculated the optimum dynamic feedforward tuning parameters.

Power Generation

With over 20 years of worldwide experience, Techmation Inc. and our partner companies have provided the onsite expertise to test, trouble-shoot and tune these systems. Tens of thousands of control loops have been optimized with the Protuner32. We have shown again and again that optimized control systems allow plants to load follow at faster rates with improved heat rate and bottom line profits.

"Optimization of Regulatory Control Systems"