An increasing portion of oil and gas production is coming from offshore fields. Platform technologies are evolving from fixed platforms suited for shallow waters, to semi-submersible platforms (TLP, SPAR) and to Floating Production Units (FPU, FPSO). Offshore platforms are equipped with the equipment and control systems needed to extract and process the oil and natural gas. Optimizing and tuning these systems present critical challenges that should not be underestimated.

The control system on production platforms to separate the oil, water, and gas from the wells consists of a complex series and parallel interactive unit operations. The unique offshore environment places a high demand on equipment reliability and performance. Each unit operation on the production platform contains numerous loops that work in concert to control the various unit operations in the processes. An unstable or slow responding loop not only upset its controlled variable, but can but may also increase the variability in the controlled variables in many of the loops and systems downstream. TheProtuner32 Control System Analyzer has the functions and features to truly optimize the operation of the multivariable systems.

Offshore Oil & Gas

With over 20 years of worldwide experience, we have shown again and again on offshore production platforms with optimized control systems maximize production and bottom line profits. So if you want your control system to automatically control the process under both steady-state and changing well conditions let us know. We are here to help.

"Optimization of Regulatory Control Systems"