Pulp & Paper Production 

Paper production consists of a series of processes and can be roughly divided according to the five major manufacturing steps: pulp production, pulp processing and chemical recovery, pulp bleaching, stock preparation, and paper manufacturing. Each of these manufacturing steps employ sophisticated control systems to control the critical variables to minimize variability and maximize profitability. Today’s global Pulp & Paper industry is rapidly changing and extremely competitive. In this challenging environment,
Techmation Inc. and its partners have worked with hundreds of customers unlock the true potential of their mills to reach maximum performance. This is accomplished by combining the Protuner32 Control System Analyzer software with training and on-site optimization services.

"Optimization of Regulatory Control Systems"

With over 30 years of worldwide experience, Techmation Inc. and our partner companies have provided the onsite expertise to test, trouble-shoot and tune these systems. Tens of thousands of control loops have been optimized with the Protuner32. We have shown at hundreds of mills how testing, trouble-shooting, tuning, and optimizing the regulatory control systems can dramatically decrease variability and increase bottom line profits.