President of Techmation

David is a degreed engineer, with forty-one (41) years of continues professional practice.  David is a leading world expert in the area of industrial process control system analysis and optimization consulting and training services.

David also enjoys extensive engineering work experience, and expertise, performed for Techmation, over its thirty one (31) year history, in numerous process industries, for major companies, around the world. Mr. Ender has practical experience in control system optimization in many hundreds of process control facilities including chemical, petro-chemical, pulp and paper, off-shore oil and gas, mining and metallurgy, as well as coal and gas fired conventional power plants. In optimization of the control systems in these different facilities he has done testing, trouble-shooting and tuning many tens of thousands of control loops on nearly every type of analog and digital control system currently being used in the process industry.

Techmation Inc. was started by David Ender over thirty years ago with a vision of becoming the leading specialist in the highly innovative field of Process Control Loop Analysis and the Tuning of Regulatory Control Systems. Over the last 3 decades Mr. Ender has built up a vast portfolio of clients worldwide, most noticeably in America, South Africa, Europe, Asia and throughout the UK.


"Optimization of Regulatory Control Systems"

David B. Ender

As the engineer and developer behind the Protuner Control System Analyzer, David has successfully assisted customers in the design, trouble-shooting and testing of tens of thousands of loops on thousands of unit operations. In every case, he has been able to improve the performance of the control systems. With his high level of training and trouble shooting ability he is able to quickly identify control loop problems and tune regulatory controllers on-line, in most cases this is done with little or no downtime to the customer thus resulting in no interruption to production. Using all the revolutionary techniques offered by the Protuner Control System Analyzer you will see first hand an increase in efficiency, reduced down-times, and most of all a boost to your bottom line profits.